Buy Now, Pay Later Usage Patterns and Late Payments


The BNPL trend has rapidly gained popularity, reshaping the way consumers approach their purchases. Offering a convenient and flexible payment option, BNPL services have become the go-to choice for many, with a significant impact on various consumer demographics.

Buy Now, Pay Later Usage Patterns and Late Payments2023-12-19T16:00:04-05:00

Driving 19% ROI: See the Quanta Effect in Action


When people ask what Quanta does, there’s one right answer: Quanta creates value. One of our clients, a midsized fintech company, started our engagement with low open rates, low click-to-open rates, and tons of inbound calling taking up a significant amount of their resources. After Quanta developed a new suite of emails and SMS, [...]

Driving 19% ROI: See the Quanta Effect in Action2023-12-01T11:21:13-05:00

The Importance of Brand Alignment in Collections


Brand alignment can affect more than just your collections performance. Any interaction a customer has with your brand can have a lasting impact on how they view your organization so a strong customer experience when they fall into collections can make or break their long-term loyalty.

The Importance of Brand Alignment in Collections2024-01-03T15:50:57-05:00

What Can Quanta Do for You?


Quanta is a growing team, with multiple major functions that combine to deliver the highest quality digital solutions in the collections industry. When combined, Quanta knows how to get the right message to the right customer at the right time.

What Can Quanta Do for You?2023-11-30T20:01:53-05:00

Recoveries Strategy Refresh

, 2023-11-30T20:19:05-05:00

Recoveries (collecting on charged-off loans) is an important but consistently overlooked stage of the consumer credit lifecycle. Macro-economic events and the business cycle influence how lenders view Recoveries.

Recoveries Strategy Refresh, 2023-11-30T20:19:05-05:00

Tax Time Is Ending, Now What?


Every year around this time the inevitable occurs in the collection and recovery space; tax season comes to an end. The decrease in collections following tax season is often compounded by the reduction of resources that occurs as tax season comes to a close.

Tax Time Is Ending, Now What?2023-11-17T17:12:14-05:00
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