When people ask what Quanta does, there’s one right answer: Quanta creates value.

One of our clients, a midsized fintech company, started our engagement with low open rates, low click-to-open rates, and tons of inbound calling taking up a significant amount of their resources. After Quanta developed a new suite of emails and SMS, implemented a new contact strategy, and executed that strategy, results were substantial.

Quanta Effect Results - Digital Enhancement and Annualized Repayments Charts

Our client saw a 78% increase in open rates, a 305% increase in click-to-open rates, and a 6% reduction in operational expenses due to inbound calling.

That also led to a 19% increase in repayments and millions of dollars collected.

The Quanta effect is real, it works, and it’s just a few clicks away. Get in touch with our team today!