Quanta is a growing team, with multiple major functions that combine to deliver the highest quality digital solutions in the collections industry. When combined, Quanta knows how to get the right message to the right customer at the right time. Let’s take a look at what it takes to get there:


Quanta’s marketing team’s main purpose is the creative development of the digital materials (email, SMS, MMS, and Push Notifications) that are instrumental to your project’s success. The marketing team is involved with every Quanta project, from Activate to Elevate, so you know you’ll be getting creative solutions whether you’re just getting started or have been with us for years.

With a special focus on incorporating your brand, our team finds unique and innovative ways to deliver collections messaging.

As experts in digital collections communications, we know that your top priority is making sure your messaging is not just seen, but actively drives customer engagement. That’s why we take special care to implement our own customized set of collections communications best practices, which sometimes differ from what may be standard in the digital marketing space. Your collections populations are unique, so your messaging should be, too.

We know what works, and we’re excited to share that with you!


Quanta’s strategy team is made up of industry-leading experts in the digital marketing space. Their main purpose is to guide your digital collections activity and provide key insights to the timing, cadence, frequency, and audience segmentation necessary to take your collections experience to the next level.

Our team uses data-driven methods to analyze your audience and determine the best contact strategy to reach your customers where they are.

  • In short-term projects our strategy team provides digital marketing analysis and a preliminary contact strategy to help you get your digital collections experience started on the right foot.
  • In long-term projects, like our Elevate product, the strategy team also provides updates to the contact strategy, which can include custom segmentation either from the onset of the project or down the line. Elevate projects also include long-term testing and ongoing analytics and iterations on existing strategy.

Our strategy team is focused on ensuring you have what you need to succeed in digital collections efforts regardless of project duration.

We know what to send and where to send it, and we’ll get your collections operation up to speed.


Quanta’s execution team is responsible for long-term implementation and monitoring of email, SMS, and MMS campaigns for your project. This means that when you sign on for an Elevate project, you’ll have access to top-of-their-class digital execution professionals using the best digital execution programs to deliver your collections communications.

Strong execution is vital to the success of a new digital strategy and can make or break your ability to fully analyze that strategy.

Our execution team focuses on not just delivering your messages, but also on building out the execution infrastructure to ensure that you have actionable data from each campaign.

  • The long-term nature of the Elevate product means that you will have a depth of data to pull from based on the work done by our execution team.
  • Each campaign is optimized to garner the best quality results, meaning that every email is scheduled down to the second and monitored for any irregularities.
  • Handling huge amounts of data every day, our team is dedicated to safety and security, and will work with your organization to establish the best route for data collaboration.

We know how to get results, analyze them, and work collaboratively to improve upon them.