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An increase in customer engagement can move the needle on your collections performance.


From foundational basics to advanced analytics and execution

What can Quanta Credit Services do for you?

Customized Strategies

We examine all areas of your digital communication strategy to find unique solutions to optimize strategy, creatives, and execution that match your needs and allow for industry changes.

  • >> Pinpoint your key areas for enhancement
  • >> Develop a strategic plan of attack
  • >> Optimize and execute accordingly


INSIDER TIPSQuanta’s Best Practices for
Digital Debt Collection

Industry-leading Expertise

Our team comprises leaders in all aspects of the collections industry.

    • >> In-depth knowledge of industry regulations and compliance
    • >> Expertise in credit risk analytics
    • >> Technology and data privacy and security expertise
    • >> Industry-specific marketing and communications experience

Cutting-Edge Creative Development

Our creative team goes the extra mile to ensure your customers receive the highest quality communications. We’re passionate about finding the best way to reach your audience and convert your message into a measurable increase in cash flow.

  • >> Action-oriented creatives designed to encourage customer interaction
  • >> Sleek, refined graphics fit to client branding
  • >> Copy and designs that foster a positive customer experience and improve customer retention

What You Can Expect

Digital-First Approach

Digital strategies are the future of collections. When these digital strategies are incorporated in combination with existing collections processes, they can dramatically elevate collections performance.

  • >> Reduced implementation costs
  • >> Reduced time to market
  • >> Integration with existing contact strategies

Maximized Efficiency

Every business is unique, so we work with our clients to design digital communication strategies that optimize customer engagement and reduce the reliance on in-house resources.

  • >> Reduce your workload
  • >> Optimize your collections process
  • >> Simplify integration process

Preparation for the Future

In today’s uncertain economic environment, organizations everywhere are reevaluating their approach to collections.

  • >>Avoid last-minute scrambles to adjust
  • >> Lay the foundation for tomorrow
  • >> Retain valuable employees

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